Excerpts from Am I Invisible’s debut performance, Austin City Hall Plaza, May 2014


Am I Invisible

Am I Invisible is a performance group made of people who are experiencing homelessness in Austin. The group has created its first production In 2014 through a year long process of workshops and rehearsals. The performances included a video screening, monologues written by group members and a participatory theatre piece from the tradition of Theatre of the Oppressed Forum scene.

The group is currently working on a new production to be premiered in November 2017 at the Trinity Street Players Theatre in Austin, TX.

Monologue by James Mosley, April 2014

Monologue by Steven Potter April 2014

Monologue by John Tompkins, April 2014

Monologue by Thomas Clarke April 2014

Originally a three channels screening, debut performance, April 2014

Actors: James Mosley, John Tompkins, Thomas Clarke, Steven Potter, Frederick Daniels, Margaux Binder, Sean Moran

Producer: Rachel Gilbert

Set designer: Elizabeth McClellan

Video documentation: Rachel Stuckey

Photos: Andres Lombana and Lilly Brooks